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Your Guide to Starting an Online Store for Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

Looking to add an online store to your business? Not sure where to start? Use this guide as a handy overview of the process.

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Hatch Perks: Get 20% off Zenefits

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Zenefits! Zenefits is an online HR system where you can manage scheduling, HR, payroll, and benefits all in one place.

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Free Educational Resources for Small Business Owners

A list of free educational resources for small business owners, from marketing to accounting, business plan development to taxes.

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Legal Structure

Need a quick guide? We've got your back! Here are the pros and cons of each business structure, in one simple graphic.

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Sole Proprietorship vs LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)

There are a few business structures available to SMBs, with sole proprietorships and LLCs being two of the most popular. In this blog post, we've broken down both in plain English.

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How Small Businesses Are Handling COVID-19

In this infographic, we've gathered the statistics on how small businesses are adapting during the pandemic and what directions they're heading in now.

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COVID-19 Small Business Survival Guide

Small businesses have been bearing the brunt of COVID-19 related hardship since the pandemic hit. Remember these steps for survival.

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