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Katie Lee

Marketing Manager

Leaving Your 9 to 5: Finding Your Customers

When marketing your business, targeting the right audience can make all the difference. We’ll explore how to determine your target audience to maximize your business’s success.

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Crafting a Community: Avail Knit

Ashley Valsin-Luu, maker of Avail Knit, shares how she turned her love of fiber art into a small business, while donating 3% of all profits to local charities.

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Leaving Your 9 to 5: Common Business Plan Mistakes

You’re finally leaving your job to pursue your entrepreneurial dream! But have you created a strong business plan yet? We’ll explore some of the most common business plan mistakes.

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Leaving Your 9 to 5: How to Come Up With a Small Business Idea That Works

Some of our enjoyable hobbies have the potential to grow into profitable businesses. If you’re considering leaving your 9 to 5 to seek new business options, here are some tips to plan your next steps.

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First and Second Draw PPP Loans Now Available

If your business is in need of financial assistance, the Paycheck Protection Program could help. Here are the differences between the first and second PPP draws.

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From Hobbyist to Full-Time Business Owner: Ashley Marie Soap

Ashley shares how she developed confidence as a first-time entrepreneur and grew her Instagram account with over 65,000 followers.

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The Night Potter: Mammoth & Minnow

Financier by day, potter by night, Mary Lee shares how she used Instagram to grow her pottery business, Mammoth & Minnow, on Etsy while maintaining her full-time job.

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Hatch Perks: Get $100 in 1Password Credits!

We're excited to announce our partnership with 1Password, a password manager for securely storing all your passwords!

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Hatch Perks: Get $250 in Zoho Wallet Credits

We're excited to announce our partnership with Zoho, an online office suite for running your entire business in one place!

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Entrepreneurship at 18: Audacity Cosmetics

Monica Silva, who started her business at just 16 years old, shares her story of social media marketing success, and the struggles of being a young entrepreneur.

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