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Meet the Man who Started a Bread Business During COVID

During a pandemic, is it possible to capitalize on what you know, what feels good, and seize the flavor of the moment? The owner of Rize Up Sourdough shares his story and the lessons along the way

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Six Reasons Shopping Local is Better -- Even Online

Shopping local is about far more than a warm fuzzy. From superior customer service to bespoke products, here's why shopping local is better, even if you're doing it through a computer

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Small Business Spotlight: Sheer Faces, LLC

At Hatch, we support small businesses that are getting started. We believe the work of building a business from scratch and making an impact on the economy is incredibly important, so that’s why we started The Hatch Small Business Spotlight where we tell our customer’s stories and discuss their experiences as entrepreneurs.

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How Much Can You Receive in a PPP Loan, and How Much Can Be Forgiven?

There are a lot of qualifications for how much your business might be able to receive in PPP loans, and even more for how much could be forgiven. We have created a handy calculator to help you easily estimate what you can expect on both fronts.

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Autopay is Here!

You asked and we delivered. You can now set your Hatch Card to be paid automatically every month.

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Where is the Best Place to Apply for a PPP Loan, and How Much Will I Get?

The PPP application itself is a standard form, and all applications ultimately are sent to the SBA for approval. But where is the best place to submit your application, and what do you need?

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Breakdown: What Does the COVID-19 Relief Bill Mean for Small Business Owners?

Small business (SMB) owners are among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Here at Hatch, we are committed to serving you now more than ever with the information you need to stay afloat.

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