Mastercard Enhanced Debit Perks

Get Extended Warranty Coverage (up to another year) on your electronics purchases, access to Mastercard's Global Airport Concierge, and Car Rental Insurance with your Hatch Business Checking Account!

Mastercard Debit Perks

Automatic, easy, and free

It's no additional cost to enroll in Mastercard's Enhanced Debit Perks: You'll be automatically eligible upon opening your Hatch Business Checking Account and activating your Hatch Debit Mastercard.

Enjoy Enhanced Mastercard Perks

Enjoy 15% savings on VIP Meet and Assist services with Global Airport Concierge, Car Rental Insurance (physical damage and theft) nationwide, as well as Extended Warranty Coverage (for purchases up to $10,000).

How It Works


Open a Hatch Business Checking Account

Our application is quick and easy. Applying only takes a few minutes!


Activate your Hatch Debit Mastercard

When you open your Hatch Business Checking account, your Hatch Debit Mastercard will be mailed to you in 3-5 business days. Call the number on your card, or log into your account online to activate!


Enjoy Enhanced Debit Perks!

You're now automatically eligible for Mastercard's perks, including Global Airport Concierge Service, Extended Warranty Coverage, and Rental Car Insurance. Check your Guide to Benefits for instructions on enrolling.


By the way...

No more worrying about NSF fees, monthly minimums, card replacement fees, other fees you’d expect from a traditional bank.

Grow Your Business with Hatch

Your bank account should do more than just hold deposits. We're building a business bank account that truly helps you grow your business by saving you money and providing valuable rewards and discounts.

The Hatch Card

Banking with Hatch

Cashback rewards and perks

No NSF fees

No debit card replacement fees

No monthly minimum balance fees

Other Banks

No debit card rewards

$35 NSF Fees

Up to $15-20 per card replacement

Minimum balance required

Ready to take the next step?

Join our community of small business owners and sign up for the waitlist. Get a seamless online banking experience for $10 a month with your first month free when we launch!


For more information about Mastercard Enhanced Debit, see the Mastercard Guide to Benefits.