Say Goodbye to Unfair Fees

We don’t charge fees for going negative on your account. Hatch Cover provides you up to $50* on all eligible transactions if you go negative on your account. Eligibility requirements and limits apply.


We’ve Got You Covered

Traditional banks can charge an average of $33 each time you overdraw your account. We understand that unexpected things happen. That’s why we don’t charge NSF fees and also offer Hatch Cover to qualified customers - which provides up to $50* if you go negative on your account. Eligibility requirements and limits apply.

Get Peace of Mind

Your bank account should be helping you save money, not lose it. Cover is a fee-free service from Hatch that will provide up to $50* if your account goes negative.

How It Works


We’ll let you know if you’re eligible to enroll in Cover.


Enroll in Cover through your Hatch Dashboard. We’ll review your request and let you know when Cover is enabled.


If you make a debit card purchase or send money for an amount that exceeds your balance, we’ll cover you up to your limit* - free of charge!


Make a deposit into your Hatch account and it will be automatically applied to bring your balance back to positive.

Grow Your Business with Hatch

Your bank account should do more than just hold deposits. We're building a business bank account that truly helps you grow your business by saving you money and providing valuable rewards and discounts.

The Hatch Card

Banking with Hatch

No NSF fees

Cashback rewards and perks

No monthly minimum balance fees

No debit card replacement fees

Other banks

$35 NSF Fees

No debit card rewards

Minimum balance required

Up to $15-20 per card replacement

Ready to take the next step?

Join our community of small business owners and sign up for the waitlist. Get a seamless online banking experience for $10 a month with your first month free when we launch!


Eligibility requirements and limits apply. See your account agreement for details.