At Hatch, we're building what we call the Lender of First Resort: we want to be a small business owner's first port of call when they need a starter loan or line of credit to get their business off the ground. We want to provide these financial services at a fair, honest, and transparent price. If you're interested in helping out with our mission, apply below! If you don't see anything specific to your background, but you're still interested, send an e-mail to

Our Values

Grow the Pie!

We believe that sweat equity should be recognized and rewarded. Business owners work hard in order to build a better life for themselves and their community. Our goal is to identify those business owners who have the grit and passion to succeed and together, build a better economy for everyone.

Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

We actively strive to understand the person working across from us. We believe that everyone brings something to the table and that it is important to understand their views before we express our own. If we seek to understand first then compromise, empathy and understanding will follow.

It Takes a Village

Capital alone is not enough to start or make a small business successful. Business owners depend on their communities and other businesses for support, advice, and expertise. At Hatch, we try to understand how everyone both internally and externally--contributes to the overall effort. This allows us to move forward together faster.

People are Fallible, Systems Shouldn't Be

Everyone makes mistakes. We want to create a culture where we can own up, resolve, and learn from our mistakes. More important to us than determining culpability or placing blame, is developing systems and processes for improvement. These endure past any one person’s effort, error, and ultimately our own time at Hatch.

Lending Is Not a Permanent Solution

At Hatch, we believe that providing you with credit is only one of the ways to help you start or grow your business. Support and guidance are others. We want to build a long-lasting, successful business alongside you; one that’s aligned with your needs. Sometimes you may need a loan or line of credit, and sometimes you may not--and that’s okay! At Hatch, we want to offer you only the support you want. We will never encourage you to take on unnecessary debt.



Best-in-class, fully covered Anthem Blue Cross Platinum HMO and PPO plans for all employees (spouses and dependents included). Fully covered Beam Dental and Vision VSP insurance.

401k plan

Option to contribute to employer-sponsored 401k retirement fund. Hatch will match up to 4% a year!

Flexible Vacation

There is no PTO, but rather a flexible vacation policy (i.e. just take time off if you're sick, or if you need a break!) Employees are encouraged to take one week off per quarter.


Monthly subsidy for gym memberships, and fitness classes!


Monthly subsidy for transportation to and from the office.


Monthly subsidy and reimbursement for books, web courses, conferences, and resources that you find useful for your professional or personal development.

The Hatch Match

Hatch will match annual donations to your favorite charities.


We're a small startup, so if we're missing anything, let us know! We're pretty flexible.

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