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Breakdown: What Does the COVID-19 Relief Bill Mean for Small Business Owners?

Small business (SMB) owners are among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Here at Hatch, we are committed to serving you now more than ever with the information you need to stay afloat.

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Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) has created a challenging environment for everyone, but especially for small businesses. All of us at Hatch understand that you may be facing difficult times ahead, and we want to be here for you.

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How Personal Finance Can Affect Your Immigration Case

Learning to better manage your money can have a significant impact on your immigration case.

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The Importance of Building Credit for Immigrants

While in many countries using credit and banks is not a safe decision, in the U.S. holding on to cash and not taking steps to build a credit score and take out good debt may do more harm than good for your finances.

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A Recap of the Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights

The small business borrower’s bill of rights is a document that outlines six fundamental rights that any small business owner who is seeking funding is entitled to.

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Understanding Business Risk and Debt Service Coverage Ratio

DSCR stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio and is often a figure used by lenders to understand the risk associated with lending to their borrowers. If you’re able to calculate the DSCR for your business, you’ll be able to better understand the terms that some lenders offer you.

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Your Financial Terms Glossary

With so many new lending companies popping up left and right, how are you supposed to know which option is best? We’ve created a list of common terms that you’ll see on websites offering funding for small businesses.

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What does APR mean?

You’ve probably heard terms like APR, interest rate, and flat rate fee thrown around all from different lenders, but what does all of this really mean and how should it be applied most productively as you decide which loan options you’re going to apply for?

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Exploring What FICO Means to People

I wanted to explore FICO and what individuals associate it with just to get a sense of whether people think it’s a scary thing or not. When I went around and spoke to individuals about what a FICO score meant to them, I got a lot of similar responses.

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