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New Perks Partnership with Drip

We recently partnered with Drip, the all-in-one POS system for countertop restaurants and cafes. With Drip, you can accept register, website, app, kiosk, and delivery orders all in one place. All Hatch Cardholders will get 6 months of waived fees and a free wireless card reader (which accepts chip, swipe, and tap payments).

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How Small Businesses Are Handling COVID-19

In this infographic, we've gathered the statistics on how small businesses are adapting during the pandemic and what directions they're heading in now.

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COVID-19 Small Business Survival Guide

Small businesses have been bearing the brunt of COVID-19 related hardship since the pandemic hit. Remember these steps for survival.

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Introducing Hatch Perks!

Hatch Perks has arrived! All Hatch Cardholders will gain access to a collection of deals and discounts on software and professional services designed to help you run and grow your business.

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Six Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support From Anywhere

The surge in popularity of shopping Black owned businesses is a a great one-- but what if you are unable to shop in person because of pandemic restrictions, or you want to support businesses outside of your immediate area? We have a list of six fantastic Black owned businesses you can support without leaving your couch. From dresses to gems, pillows to pinot noir, here's a fantastic list of businesses we recommend checking out.

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Small Business Spotlight: Musician Anna Ash

Behind every small business is a great story. That’s why we launched The Hatch Small Business Spotlight, where entrepreneurs share how they got started, strategies for overcoming challenges, and what their plans are next. This week, we’ll be featuring independent musician, Anna Ash.

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How the Small Business Landscape Has Changed in Light of Covid-19

What changes are small business owners facing during re-opening? For many, this will not be business as usual-- but it shouldn’t mean business has to be over. Here’s a breakdown of some ways owners can keep themselves funded and prepare for re-opening safely and effectively.

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Small Business Spotlight: Sheer Faces, LLC

At Hatch, we support small businesses that are getting started. We believe the work of building a business from scratch and making an impact on the economy is incredibly important, so that’s why we started The Hatch Small Business Spotlight where we tell our customer’s stories and discuss their experiences as entrepreneurs.

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How to Fund your Small Business Now, Even if You Have Poor Credit

As businesses seek funding to weather the storm of COVID-19, there are many options to consider based on your credit, the interest rate you’re comfortable with, how fast you need the funds, and the amount you need to borrow. Although the PPP is a great loan option for business owners, we know that many that are still awaiting funds (or have been denied). For those who are looking for funds beyond the PPP, here is a breakdown of your options.

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How Much Can You Receive in a PPP Loan, and How Much Can Be Forgiven?

There are a lot of qualifications for how much your business might be able to receive in PPP loans, and even more for how much could be forgiven. We have created a handy calculator to help you easily estimate what you can expect on both fronts.

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